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A Year in Review

2015-10-22 10.32.59It’s been a long road and a hard fight. We still have a quite a ways to go to advance an education system that delivers on the democratic promise, respects communities and honors children, but we wanted to pause for a moment and take stock on the progress we’ve made this past year. So many have contributed in so many ways. Thank you and please join us as we continue forward:

The victory dance:

Thousands of new advocates are stepping forward

Hundreds of communities are organizing on behalf of children and education

Dozens of articles on the flaws of standardization, high-stakes testing and corporate controlled accountability hit the headlines

Twenty-two states started with PARCC, only Seven states remain in the dwindling consortium

Mass Opt Outs of PARCC and CMAS

Statewide challenges and events to corporate controlled school reform increased tenfold

Three parent initiated bills were carried in the Colorado legislature, including a bill to protect student privacy and provide protections for students opting out

Two Corporate Reform school boards turned over in the 2015 election

The Colorado State Board changed its position on testing and ONE Colorado Commissioner Resigned along with ONE state board president

and the drum roll…

Less than 24 hours after the Uniting4Kids protested the Education Summit, President Obama made the announcement of “Too much testing.”


For National Updates on Testing Reform Victories, please visit:



Say “YES” to Celebrating!

Call to all Colorado education activists and advocates. Please join us Thursday, November 12th any time between 5 and 7:30 pm. Our goal is to strengthen the coalition that supports kids, communities and a democratic education system. This is an important opportunity to build trust among our ranks and to solidify the relationships that grow our movement. We want celebrate the contributions that have been made and continue building the momentum. We look forward to celebrating with you.


When:  November 12th, 5-7:30 PM

Where:  Interstate Kitchen & Bar1001 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO

Time: 5:00pm – 7:30pm MDT

Location: Interstate Kitchen and Bar