We recently gathered a group of parents and educators to answer questions on student data privacy including “Where the data goes,” and “why one-to-one devices and competency-based- learning is bad for students.” Listen in and look further with the links provided below.


Special thank you to our Student Data Privacy experts and leaders across the country,
Cynthia Boyd, Maryland
Deb Herbage, Florida
Heather Hicks, New Jersey
Cheri Kiesecker, Colorado
Alice Linahan, Texas
Alison Haver McDowell, Pennsylvania

The Uniting4Kids guide:

“Apps and online technologies are not free when they are trading your child’s data as currency”

Student Data Privacy Resources:

  • Students’ worry: education technology might predict failure before they have a chance to succeed









  • Jeb Bush and Education – FEE – Foundation for Excellence in Education http://www.excelined.org/
    Jeb Bush’s organization also founded DIGITAL EDUCATION NOW, which promotes online learning.