Angela Engel grows capacity in people and organizations through a client focused process, delivering customized tools and essential skills to help you more fully exercise your potential and maximize the possibilities



DSCN5343Interactive workshops and engaging training programs – developing specific skills and communicating essential content in ways that gets learned and remembered



20150409_201240Customized assessments – revealing the answers you need most: “what’s working and what can we do better”




_MG_4262 - CopyDiagnostics and strategic coordination – Go from tinkering around the edges and tripping over obstacles to making forward progress and celebrating successful solutions

Retreats – From Blah to Bling! Creating experiences that matter and move people



  • Meeting facilitation – Aligning action steps with project goals through and inclusive collaborative process
  • Creating essential partnerships – Building authentic and lasting alliances that lead to new opportunities and better outcomes
  • Sparking innovation and imagination – Fashioning the conditions of: risk-taking, trust, and collaboration that carry ideas from thoughts to implementation


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