Watch the video as parents and students share their experience in OPTing Out.

Guides for Opting Out:

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Join Uniting4Kids for our next video conversation featuring educational researcher, linguist and political activist Stephen Krashen, as he suggests priorities for the new Department of Education; The current focus on poor teaching and low standards has failed to improve education. Dr. Krashen is nationally recognized leader in education. A professor emeritus at the University of Southern California, he has authored numerous books and dozens of articles including this latest editorial published in the Wall Street Journal:

Five Reasons to Opt your child out of High-stakes testing:

1) There is no evidence to support the validity or reliability of state mandated tests.
2) The tests are culturally and linguistically biased and lead to unfair racial profiling.
3) The high-stakes associated with the tests unjustly punish teachers who work with low-income children and lead to high teacher turnover.
4) One-size-fits-all measures cannibalize the curriculum and limits students’ choices in learning.
5) High-stakes tests kill innovation and demands conformity to the lowest levels of thinking.