The Uniting4Kids Difference

The Conceptual Model:

Uniting 4 Kids represents a coordinated national strategy for political mobilization and the empowerment of others, especially teachers, parents, and students. There are many leaders and organizations working on behalf of children. Uniting 4 Kids serves as a coordinating agency that facilitates information and resource utilization toward accelerated effectiveness on a multi-issue platform. While we work to support existing initiatives, our goal is to promote civic engagement and expand the influence of our associates thus improving the quality of our educational system.

Four Keys to Collaboration:

Leadership –
Uniting 4 Kids is currently led by two full-time co-directors, Angela Engel and Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones, and a part-time administrative assistant, Cheryl Giantsosis. 

Tools –Our social technologies used for coordinating our leaders and our strategic plan is a proven cutting-edge operating system. These communication tools centralize and expedite the transfer of information thus improving our effectiveness, impact, and utilization of resources. 

Structure – Organized in three action communities, U4K associates choose their level of participation based on personally identified areas of interest and primary concerns. Action communities catalyze the talents and resources around specific strategic plans, developed by those communities.

U4K does not determine the content of those plans but it does facilitate their creation. 

Process – Ongoing dialogue will be facilitated, with feedback invited, and decision – making will be collaborative. Conflicts will be addressed directly and openly. 

We recognize that coordinating thousands of people with individual interests, experiences and talents is difficult. We are not afraid of the difficult. Collaboration is paramount to ensuring that children are made THE priority.