Welcome to Uniting4Kids

Who we are:

Uniting 4 Kids is politically non-affiliated in its efforts to nationally unite the resources of children’s leaders and children’s organizations. We are a catalyst for coordinating, clarifying, and expanding the capabilities of teachers, parents, students, higher education, business leaders, and policy makers. While our emphasis is on strong neighborhood schools, we hold firm that education goes beyond the classroom walls. Uniting 4 Kids emerged out of the recognition that our best work is accomplished together. We strive to unify a leading network to support the strongest learning communities possible.

Uniting 4 Kids is uniquely focused:

While as children’s leaders we have our own very distinctive voices, the intention behind Uniting 4 Kids is to promote leadership everywhere.  Orientations and goals may differ, but we believe we are stronger working collectively from our points of similarity rather than distinguishing our differences. We supply the infrastructure to network partners and build capacity for lasting change. Growing a culture of advocacy is our unique and critical responsibility.

Although our strategies are targeted and specific, our objectives are intentionally broad to be inviting and inclusive. Uniting 4 Kids is dedicated to promoting practices, policies and publicity that elevate the fulfillment of the needs of children. Objectives do not lead the way for change – people do.